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Still time to meet stamp duty deadline

The stamp duty holiday brought in till the 31st of March 2021 is nearing increasingly close. This has led some buyers to believe the ship has sailed for them to take advantage of this holiday.

In my expert opinion there is still plenty of time for buyers to purchase a property in time for the stamp duty holiday at the end of March.

It is not true that if you haven’t got an offer in by now you won’t get it done by March, people will be able to find a house in the new year and get it done before the deadline, as long as they have a good solicitor and a good mortgage broker.

There has been talk of the deadline being extended, however there is no guarantees of anything in this world and it is better to focus on the current situation rather than the hypothetical.

With the right broker and solicitor who can communicate and work in tandem together it is definitely achievable to complete before the end of March deadline. I have mentioned before how a good broker should be a "project manager" for your purchase and with experience in dealing with far more imposing deadlines, I would be happy to demonstrate how I can help you complete before the end of March.

If you are considering taking advantage of this stamp duty holiday, get in touch with me directly to see how I can help.


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